Illustration of blue and green money floating in water with soapy bubbles and door of the washing machine in the background

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The Future of AML: New Insights from Feedzai’s 2023 Report

We're thrilled to share the findings from our recent report, The State of Global AML…

Illustration of criminals using money laundering to profit from fraud scams

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Where There’s Fraud, There’s Money Laundering

Criminals use a wide array of fraud tactics to steal other people’s money. But what can…

Illustration of Russian sanctions, a key topic discussed at ACAMS' AML Conference in Las Vegas

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Key Takeaways from the ACAMS AML Conference

How is the global financial community responding to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine? Are…

Exclusive data from Feedzai's Anti-Money Laundering Report

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Key Insights from Feedzai’s Anti-Money Laundering Report

Feedzai’s new anti-money laundering report finds money mule schemes and cryptocurrency…

overwhelmed risk analyst performing manual reviews next to a calm risk analyst using perpetual KYC for specific alerts

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The Ultimate Perpetual KYC Guidelines for FIs

Standard periodic Know Your Customer (KYC) reviews allow banks to understand how their…

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How Feedzai Puts Customers at Our Core

It’s been quite a month for Feedzai, the world’s first RiskOps platform! In the past few…

illustration of how North American challenger banks can improve the CDD portion of their AML compliance

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How US Challenger Banks Can Avoid AML Regulatory Scrutiny

Many US challenger banks (also called neobanks or fintechs) focus on onboarding as many…

Illustration of new Philippines banking regulation - BSP's Circular 1140

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BSP’s Circular 1140 for Philippine Banks

If you’re a risk management leader in the Philippines, Circular No. 1140 might keep you…

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Feedzai’s AML Suite is Recognized By Top Analyst Firm

Feedzai – the world’s first RiskOps platform – is beyond excited and honored to be…

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