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Machine Learning: Rules vs. Models in Anti-Money Laundering Platforms

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Money laundering. Fueled by mobster movies and international espionage thrillers, the phrase has a mysterious, exciting edge to it. But as is often the case, the truth is far less appealing than the glitzy Hollywood version. In reality, money laundering is an activity that traps


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How to detect fraud in less than three milliseconds

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Ever wonder how a financial transaction is evaluated for risk when a machine learning platform is used? Wonder no more; we’ll show you! Watch the video to gain insight on how machine learning scores financial transactions for risk. 


Behavior Is The New Identity – Artificial Intelligence Sees Who You Really Are

Mobile commerce is growing at an astounding rate. IDC predicts that mobile payments will account for $1 trillion USD in 2017, a massive 124% jump from less than $500 billion USD in 2015. Most major commercial banks now also offer some sort of mobile banking


Feedzai CEO Nuno Sebastiao’s Entrepreneurship Talk at Stanford University

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By Ajit Ghuman, Director of Product Marketing, Feedzai Inc. I recently joined Feedzai about three weeks ago after spending almost five years at another Silicon Valley high growth company. During my tenure there, I saw the organization grow from 100 to 900 people. Now, Feedzai is


Data and Algorithm Acquisition Can Improve Machine Learning

Machine learning consists of three structural elements that are core to its function: the data received for analysis, the algorithms that turn the information into structural adaptations and the visualized results that appear when the first goes through the second. By training the machine to


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