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Machine Learning: Rules vs. Models in AML Platforms

Criminals don’t play by the rules and often embrace new technology to exploit gaps in…

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Why Feedzai’s Revelock Acquisition is a Game-Changer

Today, I’m beyond excited and proud to announce that we’re reinventing the financial…

9 questions FIs should ask a machine learning vendor

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9 Questions FIs Should Ask a Machine Learning Vendor

Choosing the right machine learning vendor can feel overwhelming. After all, the last…

Guide for banks to prepare data for machine learning algorithms

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Data Preparation for Machine Learning: A Guide for Banks

Investing in machine learning without an understanding of data preparation best practices…

Visual of machine learning enhancing existing banking legacy systems.

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Why Legacy Banking Systems Need a Machine Learning Boost

Your legacy banking systems might struggle to your customers’ expectations and stop…

6 important questions community banks should ask when investing in machine learning technology

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6 Questions to Ask When Investing in a Machine Learning Fraud Platform

There are numerous machine learning solutions available, and choosing the right one can…

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5 Misconceptions About Machine Learning Platforms for Risk

Learn five of the most common machine learning misconceptions that banks should consider…

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