Photo of Catarina Godinho, product marketing specialist for Feedzai; discussing how Feedzai's Responsible AI capabilities support the ESG for bank in the social pillar

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Boost the ESG Social Pillar with Responsible AI

Tackling fraud and financial crime demands more than traditional methods; it requires the…

Illustration of South America and shield with padlock - demonstrating Feedzai partnership with Dock

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Elevating Fraud Prevention in Latin America: Feedzai’s Strategic Partnership with Dock

In the rapidly evolving world of fintech, security remains a paramount concern. As a…

Illustration of payment cards with a smartphone in front of clouds, demonstrating how Feedzai helped a client's cloud migration operations to Feedzai-as-a-Service

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Feedzai Fraud Frontlines: Cloud Migration Done Right

We’re on a mission to help banks and financial institutions shield their customers from…

Feedzai and Chartis logos - used for blog post on why Feedzai was named top category leader in payment risk by Chartis

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Feedzai Named Top Category Leader in Payment Risk by Chartis

Feedzai, the world’s first RiskOps platform for financial risk management, has been named…

Illustration of how acquirers and PSPs can provide extra value to merchants when they act as partners to deliver a good payment experience that minimizes friction.

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The Good Payment Experience Guide for PSPs & Acquirers

Merchants are not fraud risk experts by nature. Their focus is on delivering products and…

Acquirer or PSP performing ongoing merchant acquiring fraud risk

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Ongoing Merchant Acquiring Fraud Risk Monitoring 101

Many acquirers and payment service providers (PSPs) are tempted to believe that a…

Female customer experiencing eCommerce friction due to 2FA and SCA requirements

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How PSPs Can Reduce eCommerce Friction

The European Banking Authority implemented strong customer authentication (SCA) in an…

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How Feedzai Puts Customers at Our Core

It’s been quite a month for Feedzai, the world’s first RiskOps platform! In the past few…

Female fraudster thwarted as banks turn fraud prevention into revenue generation

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Fraud Prevention is Revenue Generation for FIs

For banks, fraud losses are like a snowball rolling down a mountain. As the snowball…

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