Illustration showing customer getting scammed but sending bank and receiving bank underging APP scam reimbursement - receiving bank uncovering money mule with magnifying glass

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What APP Scam Reimbursement Requirements Mean for Banks

Changes to authorized push payments (APP) scam reimbursement policies are taking center…

Illustration of woman holding shield over silhouette of European continent, defending banks from fraud and scam threats emerging from PSD3 and PSR updates

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PSD3 and PSR Changes: Everything Banks Need to Know

The PSD3 era is on the horizon. In June 2023, the European Commission outlined its…

Illustration of magnifying glass with Indian flag in the center - looking at behavioral biometrics, money mules, phishing and scams, and faster payment questions from India FinTech Forum 2023

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Unmasking Financial Scams: Questions from India FinTech Forum 2023

Feedzai’s Dan Holmes recently participated at the India FinTech Forum 2023 webinar with…

Illustration showing banks practicing inbound payment monitoring and the unintended consequences including financial exclusion and less competition from FinTechs

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Real-Time Inbound Payment Monitoring, Regulation, and Unintended Consequences

The UK Payment Systems Regulator’s (PSR) new authorised push payment (APP) scams…

Close-up of the moon with three fraudsters around it one holding a telescope, one holding a lit bomb, and one typing on a keyboard representing real-time payments fraud.

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How Banks Can Prevent Real-Time Payments Fraud

Both the United States and Canada are preparing to launch real-time payment systems in…

Illustration of man on couch as Feedzai's ScamPrevent enables stronger scam prevention to block financial crime

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How Feedzai’s ScamPrevent™ Boosts Scam Prevention for Banks

Feedzai is proud to unveil ScamPrevent™, our latest weapon in the ongoing fight against…

Illustration of different types of tax day fraud scams including phishing attempts and identity theft

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5 Tax Refund Fraud Scams for Banks to Monitor

As if the dreaded Tax Day wasn’t stressful enough, fraudsters can add additional stress…

Image of Robert Harris, Product Marketing Manager, Feedza. Text: Product Blog: Stopping Instant Payments from Becoming Instant Scams

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Stopping Instant Payments from Becoming Instant Scams

Instant payments can quickly cause a flood of instant scams, especially in a world where…

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Behavioral Biometrics for Money Mule Account Detection

Criminals make their money from a variety of illicit activities - including but not…

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