Illustration showing person on a large coin that is fragmenting; to demonstrate importance of New York's scams lawsuit against Ciitbank

0 Comments10 Minutes

Could a Scams Lawsuit Shift the Liability Tide in the US?

The United States has lagged behind other countries regarding scam liability…

Illustration of Australia silhouette with bullseye and arrow on right side of image. Demonstrating how Australia's new Confirmation of Payee (CoP) policy will work

0 Comments3 Minutes

The War on Scams: Australian Banks and the Confirmation of Payee System

The Australian Banking Association (ABA) is making headlines with its decisive and robust…

illustration showing blueprint with mule - demonstrating importance for financial services industry to develop a money mule detection blueprint

0 Comments7 Minutes

A Money Mule Detection Blueprint for Banks

The money mule threat has become a pressing concern for financial institutions worldwide.…

Illustration of person closing bank vault with Singaporean flag in foreground- demonstration of how Asia banks can secure themselves from fraud by following the Singapore SRF framework

0 Comments8 Minutes

A Unified Stand Against Phishing Scams in Asian Banking

The Asian banking sector is increasingly concerned about phishing scams. Scammers…

Logo for Global Anti-Scam Alliance (GASA) - Key Takeaways from recent GASA Global Anti-Scam Summit

0 Comments6 Minutes

GASA Global Anti-Scam Summit: Key Takeaways

Over 200 participants gathered both in person and online to attend the recent Global…

Photo of Feedzai's Robert Harris along illustration featuring different shapes, story on how banks can improve their scam prevention messaging

0 Comments10 Minutes

Why Banks Need Smarter Scam Prevention Messaging

Think about your own most recent experience with your bank. Did a scam prevention message…

Illustration of person looking through binoculars. Behind the person are different icons demonstrating key lessons from the ACAMS Assembly 2023 conference in Las Vegas, including human trafficking, beneficial ownership, and cryptocurrency.

0 Comments8 Minutes

Key Takeaways from the Assembly Las Vegas 2023

The 2023 ACAMS Assembly in Las Vegas brought together financial crime and fraud…

Illustration showing customer getting scammed but sending bank and receiving bank underging APP scam reimbursement - receiving bank uncovering money mule with magnifying glass

0 Comments10 Minutes

What APP Scam Reimbursement Requirements Mean for Banks

Changes to authorized push payments (APP) scam reimbursement policies are taking center…

Illustration of woman holding shield over silhouette of European continent, defending banks from fraud and scam threats emerging from PSD3 and PSR updates

0 Comments8 Minutes

PSD3 and PSR Changes: Everything Banks Need to Know

The PSD3 era is on the horizon. In June 2023, the European Commission outlined its…

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