Illustration of customer getting scammed as one of the top fraud predictions of 2023

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2023 Fraud Trends and Scam Predictions

If you’re thinking fraudsters will turn over a new leaf and resolve to behave themselves…

Fraud and financial crime issues discussed at an in-person roundtable with Feedzai and ACFCS in Australia

0 Comments10 Minutes

5 Key Takeaways from Feedzai & ACFCS’ Australia Event

Feedzai’s Dan Holmes recently joined Casey Nelson, Senior Director of Training Solutions…

Criminals tricking everyday people to authorizing scams on their behalf

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How Scammers Trick Customers into Authorizing Payments

As fraud grew more rampant and more sophisticated, financial institutions enhanced their…

Illustration of International Fraud Week and lessons on how to prevent fraud and protect customers

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Feedzai and International Fraud Awareness Week 2022

Feedzai is proud to participate in the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE)…

High-pressure scams based on opportunity targeting younger consumers and fear-based scams targeting elderly users

0 Comments13 Minutes

Feedzai Q&A: Everything You Need to Know About Scams

Scams take on many forms. From impersonation scams, to investment scams, to romance…

illustration of the emotional toll of scams through social engineering, fraud

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RiskOps Stories: The Emotional Toll Scams Take on Customers

In this second edition of RiskOps Stories, Feedzai’s Richard Harris speaks with Andrew…

illustration of the rise of scams in India - Q&A with Dan Holmes and India FinTech Forum

0 Comments14 Minutes

The Rise of Scams in India and How Banks Can Stop Them

I recently participated in India Fintech Forum’s digital event, The Rise of Scams: Scams…

Illustration of RiskOps protecting bank customers from global scams

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RiskOps Stories: Protecting Bank Customers from Scams

Richard Harris speaks with Dan Holmes about the global rise of scams, why scams are a…

Illustration of the latest 2021 annual fraud report findings

0 Comments8 Minutes

Understanding the UK Finance 2021 Annual Fraud Report

Fraud continues to rise, which is made crystal clear in the latest Annual Fraud Report…

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