UK Finance logo, for UK Finance Annual Fraud Report 2024, sponsored by Feedzai

0 Comments9 Minutes

UK Finance Fraud Report Results: Banks Face a Perfect Storm of Change

The latest figures from the UK Finance Annual Fraud Report 2024 offer a glimpse into the…

Illustration of a woman's head, broken into different segments - demonstrating the psychological impact of scams on victims

0 Comments7 Minutes

The Psychological Impact of Scams

What’s the most powerful tool in a scammer’s arsenal? Believe it or not, it isn’t a…

Illustration of Elderly person sitting in darkened room, looking at phone. Demonstrating financial and emotional impact of elder fraud scams

0 Comments5 Minutes

A Global Elder Fraud Epidemic: Exclusive Feedzai Research

Digital connections have become lifelines for our senior citizens. But the digital realm,…

Illustration of map, clipboard with justice scales - demonstrating how global regulation for scam liability is shifting in different regions

0 Comments22 Minutes

Scam Liability Shifts: Global Banks Reach an Inflection Point

Who should pay for scam losses? How much should they pay? What types of scams are…

Illustration showing person on a large coin that is fragmenting; to demonstrate importance of New York's scams lawsuit against Ciitbank

0 Comments10 Minutes

Could a Scams Lawsuit Shift the Liability Tide in the US?

The United States has lagged behind other countries regarding scam liability…

Illustration of Australia silhouette with bullseye and arrow on right side of image. Demonstrating how Australia's new Confirmation of Payee (CoP) policy will work

0 Comments3 Minutes

The War on Scams: Australian Banks and the Confirmation of Payee System

The Australian Banking Association (ABA) is making headlines with its decisive and robust…

illustration showing blueprint with mule - demonstrating importance for financial services industry to develop a money mule detection blueprint

0 Comments7 Minutes

A Money Mule Detection Blueprint for Banks

The money mule threat has become a pressing concern for financial institutions worldwide.…

Illustration of person closing bank vault with Singaporean flag in foreground- demonstration of how Asia banks can secure themselves from fraud by following the Singapore SRF framework

0 Comments8 Minutes

A Unified Stand Against Phishing Scams in Asian Banking

The Asian banking sector is increasingly concerned about phishing scams. Scammers…

Logo for Global Anti-Scam Alliance (GASA) - Key Takeaways from recent GASA Global Anti-Scam Summit

0 Comments6 Minutes

GASA Global Anti-Scam Summit: Key Takeaways

Over 200 participants gathered both in person and online to attend the recent Global…

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