Banks are expected to offer a seamless customer experience while also stopping fraud in its tracks. Learn how banks can balance these goals and manage risk effectively in the digital banking era.

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How Data Visualization Reveals the Shape of Fraud

As fraud grows more complex, it becomes trickier to identify questionable patterns and catch fraudsters in the act. Learn about our journey to leverage data visualization and machine learning to enable users to easily detect financial crime.

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Instant Transfers vs. Traditional Transfers

Think of most traditional transfer types as electronic transfers of money that use a network. These transfers are usually traditional bank-to-bank transfers where money is moved typically within 1-2 business days. With instant transfers, customers are able to make convenient payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and funds are almost always immediately available.

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Digital Wallets: How to Offer Convenience Without Raising Risk

Digital wallets are the fastest accelerating digital payment vehicle today. In this post, we discuss what’s driving their popularity, the fraud and AML risks involved, and what banks can do to protect themselves and their customers.

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Payments, Friction, Customer Service, and Fraud

Ali Paterson from Fintech Finance recently sat down with David Bailey, Head of Business Development and Customer Innovation at Santander UK and Feedzai’s own Andy Renshaw for “Payments, Friction, Customer Service, and Fraud.”

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Why Banks and Payment Processors Need 2FA Today

Two-factor authentication (2FA) stops 100% of automated bot account take over (ATO) attacks. So why don’t more banks and payment service providers (PSPs) implement or increase the use of 2FA? 2FA and customer friction 2FA is not without controversy, mainly because it can be a

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Account Opening: How to Efficiently Acquire Target Customers

Can banks easily, efficiently, and effectively prevent fraud and friction during the account opening process? Learn about how real-time machine learning enables banks to do just that.

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Account Opening: Why Banks Are Losing Customers

Why are some banks losing customers rather than gaining them? We investigate how tailored workflows, which are powered by machine learning, help account opening capabilities reduce friction for applicants and drive growth for banks.

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How to Detect Fraud in Less Than Three Milliseconds

Ever wonder how a financial transaction is evaluated for risk when a machine learning platform is used? Wonder no more; we'll show you! Watch the video to gain insight on how machine learning scores financial transactions for risk.

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Account Opening: How to Win More Customers

What can financial institutions intent on surviving disruption do to adapt to the digital world, particularly when it comes to online account opening processes? Learn about one capability that can help you win the race for more customers in today’s hypercompetitive era.

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