Illustration of synthetic identity fraud scam

0 Comments11 Minutes

3 Tips for Banks to Catch Synthetic ID Fraud

In today’s digital-first environment where many interactions are virtual, even banks can…

Outline of how to decode the DNA of account takeover attacks

0 Comments14 Minutes

What Are Account Takeover Fraud Attacks?

What makes account takeover (ATO) fraud so troublesome for banks, financial institutions,…

illustration of rideshare driver and fraudster using embedded finance tools

0 Comments8 Minutes

3 Steps to Keep Embedded Finance Platforms Secure

What does any consumer expect first and foremost from a business in today’s…

illustration of the emotional toll of scams through social engineering, fraud

0 Comments14 Minutes

RiskOps Stories: The Emotional Toll Scams Take on Customers

In this second edition of RiskOps Stories, Feedzai’s Richard Harris speaks with Andrew…

illustration of the rise of scams in India - Q&A with Dan Holmes and India FinTech Forum

0 Comments14 Minutes

The Rise of Scams in India and How Banks Can Stop Them

I recently participated in India Fintech Forum’s digital event, The Rise of Scams: Scams…

Illustration of how digital trust creates a virtual handshake for digital banking

0 Comments9 Minutes

Why Digital Trust is Critical for Fraud Prevention

Today’s bank customers have grown accustomed to interacting with their financial…

Illustration of RiskOps protecting bank customers from global scams

0 Comments13 Minutes

RiskOps Stories: Protecting Bank Customers from Scams

Richard Harris speaks with Dan Holmes about the global rise of scams, why scams are a…

illustration of how banks build digital trust with their customers online

0 Comments8 Minutes

Why Digital Trust Should Be a Top Priority for Banks

The pandemic accelerated the shift to digital banking for many customers. And there’s no…

Demonstration of how banks can shift to digital customer lifecycle risk management workflows

0 Comments10 Minutes

Digital Customer Lifecycle Risk Management 101

The push to digital banking has been gaining steam for years. Thanks to the pandemic, it…

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