Illustrations of how fraudsters use identity theft and account takeover fraud using stolen credentials

0 Comments5 Minutes

4 Ways Fraudsters Commit Account Takeover Fraud

Account takeover (ATO) fraud is a form of identity theft in which a fraudster gains…

Fraudsters using deepfakes technology to cause fraud losses for banks

0 Comments10 Minutes

Why Deepfake Fraud Losses Should Scare Financial Institutions

Putting on a spooky mask and giving a friend a jump is a fun Halloween tradition. Banks,…

Bank customer being compromised by mobile malware and on-device fraud attack

0 Comments8 Minutes

3 Steps to Stop Mobile Malware and On-device Fraud

Many of us are glued to our phones and devices these days. Unfortunately, if we’re not…

Illustration of how digital trust creates a virtual handshake for digital banking

0 Comments9 Minutes

Why Digital Trust is Critical for Fraud Prevention

Today’s bank customers have grown accustomed to interacting with their financial…

illustration of how banks build digital trust with their customers online

0 Comments8 Minutes

Why Digital Trust Should Be a Top Priority for Banks

The pandemic accelerated the shift to digital banking for many customers. And there’s no…

Demonstration of how banks can shift to digital customer lifecycle risk management workflows

0 Comments10 Minutes

Digital Customer Lifecycle Risk Management 101

The push to digital banking has been gaining steam for years. Thanks to the pandemic, it…

0 Comments1 Minutes

Feedzai’s Top 10 Fraud & FinCrime Blogs of 2021

First, fraudsters took their layered attacks to new heights with credit card cloning,…

How banks can use pre-transaction data to prevent fraud before it happens

0 Comments11 Minutes

How to Prevent Fraud Before it Happens

The conventional modus operandi regarding fraud has largely been for banks to react after…

Feedzai acquires behavioral biometrics leader Revelock

0 Comments6 Minutes

Why Feedzai’s Revelock Acquisition is a Game-Changer

Today, I’m beyond excited and proud to announce that we’re reinventing the financial…

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