Illustration showing three cybercriminals stealing sensitive information from a life-size phone - demonstrating how Anatsa malware works by stealing sensitive information

0 Comments8 Minutes

Understanding the Anatsa Banking Malware Threat

Cybersecurity remains a paramount concern for financial institutions and individuals…

Illustration showing a spy listening and watching unsuspecting people on their devices, conveying how the Mispaud banking trojan works

0 Comments6 Minutes

Mispadu Banking Trojan: The Definitive Guide

The Mispadu banking trojan is a notorious threat that has sent shockwaves through the…

Quadrant logo, for SPARK Matrix Behavioral Biometrics report naming Feedzai as a technology scam

0 Comments4 Minutes

Feedzai is a Technology Leader in Behavioral Biometrics

Exciting news! Feedzai, the world’s first RiskOps platform, is honored and excited to be…

Illustration of criminal recruiting money mules, outlining how banks need to spot red flags for money mule recruitment

0 Comments8 Minutes

Money Mule Red Flags and How to Spot Them

No wonder money mules are such a hot topic in the world of financial crime these days.…

Illustration showing fraudsters committing account takeover fraud and how to use tactics like biometric authentication for account takeover fraud prevention.

0 Comments17 Minutes

The Comprehensive Guide to Account Takeover Fraud Prevention and Detection

Understanding layering in money laundering is the first step necessary for banks to…

Illustration showing a criminal installing Coper Malware onto a victim's smartphone

0 Comments6 Minutes

Beware the Coper Malware: A Sneaky Threat to Your Mobile Banking Security

We're diving into the world of Coper Malware, also known as Octo. This pesky piece of…

Magnifying glass over a credit card to illustrate how banks can mitigate ATO fraud attacks

0 Comments11 Minutes

How to Boost Fraud Detection to Combat ATO Fraud

The US banking sector saw rapid Account Takeover (ATO) fraud attacks grow by 72% from…

Illustration of people's SMS OTPs getting intercepted by fraudsters - instead of more sophisticated technology like behavioral biometrics.

0 Comments11 Minutes

Behavioral Biometrics Authentication vs. SMS OTPs

Why do some banks still use SMS-based one-time passcodes (OTPs) to authenticate…

Images of a bank next to several money mules recruited to help fraudsters profit from instant payments fraud

0 Comments8 Minutes

Instant Payments Fraud: Lessons from the UK

With faster payment systems expanding globally, there’s a high probability that instant…

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