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As card issuers embrace IoT, how will it affect payments?

The Internet of Things presents new vectors for payments – and fraud

    In early March 2016, the Mobile World Congress met in Barcelona.


    How will the Bitcoin split affect payments and fraud?

    In the early months of 2016, one issue dominated all discussion in cryptocurrency: Bitcoin could split in two.


    The importance of digital security patches for ecommerce

    Securing an online store is an ongoing challenge and an important one.


    IoT introduces a host of security issues for businesses.

    Security still a huge barrier for IoT adoption

    The Internet of Things has great implications for businesses and consumers alike, but the issue of security is still holding the industry back.


    Feedzai CEO Nuno Sebastiao’s Entrepreneurship Talk at Stanford University

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    By Ajit Ghuman, Director of Product Marketing, Feedzai Inc. I recently joined Feedzai about three weeks ago after spending almost five years at another Silicon Valley high growth company. During my tenure there, I saw the organization grow from 100 to 900 people. Now, Feedzai is


    The difference between big data and fast data

    Big data, long an industry buzzword, is now commonplace among most businesses. A 2014 survey from Gartner found 73 percent of organizations had already invested or planned to invest in big data by 2016. For many companies, the question now is not how to manage


    Will biometrics replace passwords?

    In-person payments become more secure all the time. First came the switch from magnetic strip cards to chip cards. The next wave is for biometric authentication to replace PINs and passwords. The downside of passwords It’s relatively easy for thieves to get through authentication systems


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