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How Credit Unions Can Use Their Own Big Data to Fight Fraud

    Every time a new technology comes to town, credit unions like yours are promised transformation and ROI. After a few presentations and some great industry stats, you’re asked to spend a fortune. First you were asked to purchase new lending systems. Then CRM. Then mobile, then digital, then big data.


    How Can a Fraud System Be the Key to Unlocking Merchant Innovation?

      This is an innovation arms race. Large merchants aren’t just innovating against other merchants, but against fraudsters too. While your strategy teams are having meetings and conference calls, trying to predict the coming innovation inflection points of the next 5 years, fraudsters are having meetings of their own.


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      Forget About the Algorithms – It’s the Data that Prevents Fraud

      Myth: it’s all about the algorithm. Reality: it’s all about the data the training data, the sources of data, and the quality of the data.


      The Roadmap to GDPR, and Creating the Right to be Forgotten

        Beginning this May, as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is introduced to Europe, we’ll finally know what happens to our data. And more than that, we’ll be able to control our data’s fate.


        AI Trends to Watch in 2018

          AI breakthroughs are piling up rapidly, one after another. Here are three trends that we predict for the coming year.


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          Improving Fraud Detection: Rules versus Models

            It is standard practice in managing payments to block potentially fraudulent transactions via a set of rules. These rules can be very effective in mitigating fraud risk, and practitioners in the industry are comfortable with this approach. Quite often these rules are able to mitigate the losses from fraudulent transactions without producing a correspondingly high alarm rate.


            Do You Know Me?: Recognizing Your Customers with Digital Identities

              Today’s customers expect a lot out of their digital banking experiences. Gone are the days when customers felt reluctant to share personal information. Today they’re willingly trading personal information for better and faster service. An Accenture survey found that 78% were happy to share personal data with their bank, but that 66% demanded faster, easier services in return.


              Fraudsters Charge Their Batteries and Other Insights from Feedzai Research

                59 records are lost or stolen every second, according to the Breach Level Index. This data includes credentials, personally identifiable information, and credit card numbers. Fraudsters count on hiding in these piles of data. But look close enough and you can see the subtle patterns they leave in their wake. Today we published a report, 7 Trends in Online Fraud, based on findings from Feedzai Research.


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