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A friendly customer may be committing fraud and not know it.

Friendly Fire: Dealing with Deliberate Chargebacks from Consumers

Card-not-present fraud is an issue every single e-commerce sees, often in the form of the chargeback.


Is the TSA in Charge of Banking and Shopping?

The Transportation Security Administration has been under fire recently and perhaps for some real good reasons. Airports, airlines and travelers are frustrated with the increasingly long wait times at the airports – an excruciatingly painful experience that will likely become worse as the summer travel season begins. Last week, I encountered this firsthand


Omnidata or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Omnichannel

If I had a penny for the number of times I’ve heard the word omnichannel mentioned over the last few years, I’d probably have made more than a couple thousand dollars. This trend is self evident in the amount of traction this has picked up as a


Don’t Buy A Fraud Prevention Solution Before You Consider These Three Questions

Written by Ajit Ghuman, Director of Product Marketing, Feedzai, Inc. At Feedzai, we power banking and commerce by scoring risk in real-time. We help Chief Risk Officers, Chief Financial Officers and Heads of Procurement navigate strategic buying decisions for enterprise fraud management technology. Today we want to