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Are you Ready for the Gold?

As the world’s greatest athletes head to Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, many business leaders are thinking about how their companies can aim for greater achievement. One area where any organization can vault to greater heights is security. Like a fencing


How Machine Learning Is Setting ‘Payments On Fire’

Feedzai chairman and CEO Nuno Sebastiao spoke to the “Payments on Fire” podcast about how the Feedzai solution puts machine learning and big data to work by managing fraud and risk.


Brexit and the Burgeoning Ecommerce Marketplace: Will Consumers Open Up Their Wallet in a Closed Economy?

As markets and businesses worldwide recover from the aftershocks of Brexit, the implications to commerce and consumers still remains to be seen. The uncertainty, however, has made both retailers and consumers take anticipatory action to protect their own interests. Retailers, on one hand, foresee higher


The Curious Case of The Artificial Intelligence Accused of Cheating

By Jon Pearson, Sales Director, Transformational Digital Journeys, Banking @ Feedzai Remember Deep Blue? This marvel of modern technology (back in 1996, at least) beat chess world champion Garry Kasparov in the first game of a six game match, although it lost the match, 4-2.


Behavior Is The New Identity – Artificial Intelligence Sees Who You Really Are

Mobile commerce is growing at an astounding rate. IDC predicts that mobile payments will account for $1 trillion USD in 2017, a massive 124% jump from less than $500 billion USD in 2015. Most major commercial banks now also offer some sort of mobile banking


Fighting Fraud in the Age of Big Data

Since the introduction of the web in the early 1990s, public’s expectations of how personal information is being used has been altered, creating new opportunities for business. According to a 2016 Pew Research Poll, most Americans are willing to give out personal information or allow