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PSD2 and You: Why Banks Are Turning to Artificial Intelligence

by Richard Harris, Head of International Operations You know how the Chinese word for “crisis” is the same for “opportunity?” The bad news is that’s actually a myth. The good news is the metaphor still applies to PSD2. Whether banks like it or not, the


London Business School Awards Nuno Sebastiao Entrepreneur of the Year

    Feedzai CEO and co-founder Nuno Sebastiao was announced as the winner of the prestigious London Business School (LBS) 2017 Accomplished Entrepreneur Award this week. As Feedzai continues to ramp up its global scale and become the global leader in artificial intelligence to fight fraud, Nuno’s leadership and


    New Ebook: How to Choose a Machine Learning Platform for Risk

    If you’re a merchant, an acquirer, or a payment service provider, you might be searching for a unified strategy that can manage risk without creating customer friction. We can help you procure the right solution. The Feedzai platform powers 1 in 5 of the world’s top 25 banks,


    Going Vintage at MRC 2017

    In a future-focused industry where features and concerns seem to appear from somewhere beyond the horizon of the present moment, it was a surprise that the Merchant Risk Council main event this year focused on the past. Paper shredders, anyone? Check fraud? Copy machines? Maybe


    “Don’t Be Creepy” And Other Lessons from Last Night’s REAL MACHINE

    Last night, a slew of AI enthusiasts came together at Wells Fargo in San Francisco for a panel discussion on AI. It was the latest installment in Feedzai’s REAL MACHINE event series. Sitting on the panel were Petros Zerfos (the Next Generation Applications Group at


    AI, Risk and Banking – Peter Moenickheim, Prior Chief Risk Officer at Santander Consumer

    Consumers and companies are all-too familiar with the consequences of financial fraud, having been victims of massive data breaches and orchestrated campaigns of payment fraud across all channels. What’s less clear is how financial institutions and merchants can stay one step ahead of the risk


    9 mins to Thane Road!! Using Segment-of-One Profiles to Transform Your Business

    Segment-of-one profiles coincided with the introduction of new technologies that enable the creation of low latency, high throughput streaming data environments. The provides an accurate view of a payment transaction and an accurate view of the risk occurring in real-time.


    Trump Migration Policy – A Memo From Feedzai’s CEO

      Dear Feedzai, My great grandfather immigrated to Brazil in the 40’s where he was a gardener, my father immigrated to France in order to be able to educate me and my sister. Currently I have family living in France, Brazil, Switzerland, UK and the US.


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