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Anti-Money Laundering (AML): 5 Steps to Avoid Fines

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What could your firm do with over $2.9 billion? That’s the total amount of fines global regulators imposed on financial institutions in 2018 for non-compliance of anti-money laundering regulations. Learn 5 steps to avoid AML fines and increased regulatory scrutiny.


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Key Takeaways from the Financial Crime and Technology Summit

    Key takeaways from the 2019 Financial Crime and Technology Summit at Money 20/20 Europe. Topics covered include AI, privacy, the future of fighting financial fraud, and integrity.


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    Fighting Fraud and Financial Crime with a Single Customer View

    With adept criminals exploiting weaknesses across multiple channels, how do banks fight financial crime and fraud? With a single view of the customer across all channels.


    The Ethics of AI, and Why We Should All Care

    Four pillars to follow for the ethical development of artificial intelligence: the evolution of artificial technology has gone far beyond the theoretical realm. We live in a time beyond just planning for AI advancements: we now have to consciously develop our products to ensure that they meet the highest ethical expectations.


    Machine Learning Platforms Help Banks Meet Customer Demands for Digital Solutions

    Faced with increased consumer demand for digital payment solutions, retail banks are working tirelessly to adapt existing business models to attract and keep the twenty-first century customer. One common response has been to tack on individual solutions to traditional services in order to meet customers’


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    PSD2: What You Need to Know in 2019

    A year after European Union member states were required to implement the Payments Service Directive 2 (PSD2), additional 2019 deadlines have already been scheduled for merchants and financial institutions (FIs). If being proactive was imperative for FIs in 2018, it is even more crucial


    Intelligent Automation, Transparent AI: Upcoming 2019 Predictions in Machine Learning and AI

    In the last two years, AI and machine learning have evolved well beyond the most ambitious expectations. With tech giants like Google, Uber, and Tesla (to name a few) continuing to accomplish increasingly impressive feats, the number of AI and machine learning applications seem limitless.


    An Omnichannel Strategy: is it right for credit unions?

    The new banking landscape requires credit unions to adapt and evolve to keep up with member demands. Many of these changes require credit unions to not only develop new methods of interaction, but also find ways to evolve and continue to support more traditional…


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